In fulfillment of an administrative contract for the grant of Grant No. BG16RFOP002-2.049-0001-C01, BCD Plast Ltd. implements the project "Improvement of the production capacity in BBI-Plast Ltd.", financed by OPIC 2014-2020 through the VOMR approach, co-financed by the European Union ERDF.


The overall objective of the project is to increase the capacity for growth and increase the export potential of IBG - PLAST EOOD, which will increase the competitiveness of the economy in the territory of LAG Dolni Chiflik and Byala. By improving its production capacity, the company aims to establish itself as a competitive manufacturer in the PVC and aluminum joinery market by offering a full range of high quality manufacturing and installation activities and services at optimum cost.


The specific objective of the project is to improve its production capacity by modernizing its production activity and diversifying its product range. Process optimization will be achieved by integrating into production high-tech production systems of new machines, allowing a significant expansion of the innovative range of production technology capabilities. This will lead to a planned gradual increase in export capacity, improvement of resource and energy efficiency, reduction of raw materials used.


The activities under project No. BG16RFOP002-2.049-0001 "Improvement of the production capacity at IBG - PLAST Ltd." include:

  • General production investments to improve production processes and introduce new technologies to improve resource efficiency and efficiency in the production process;
  • Information and publicity activities.

Expected results: As a result of the successful implementation of the activity - the purchased and put into operation new equipment will improve the production capacity of the company. Successful implementation of the project will enable the introduction of technologies for optimization and improvement of production and technological processes, achievement of higher productivity, reduction of production costs and optimization of the production chain, resource efficiency. Implementation of project BG16RFOP002-2.049-0001 "Improving production capacity at IBG - PLAST Ltd." is expected to lead to increased productivity, increased export revenues and increased efficiency of the enterprise. The expected result of the implementation of the information and publicity activities of the project is the achievement of wide awareness of the public, stakeholders, suppliers and clients of the company about the received funding from the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria through the European Regional Development Fund.

Contract No. BG16RFOP002-2.049-0001-C01 for the implementation of the project "Improvement of Production Capacity at IBG - PLAST Ltd." is financed by OPIC 2014-2020 through the WOMR approach co-financed by the European Union ERDF.

The total value of the grant under the project is 350 370.17 BGN, of which 297 814.64 BGN is European and 52 555.53 BGN is national co-financing.