May 11, 2020


IBG PLAST EOOD successfully completed the implementation of the project "Improvement of the production capacity in IBG PLAST" EOOD

The implementation of the activities under project BG16RFOP002-2.049-0001-C01 "Improvement of the production capacity in IBG PLAST" EOOD, financed under the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020, has been successfully completed.

The project aims to increase the productivity and export potential of IBG PLAST EOOD. The successful implementation of the main project activity - purchase of modern production equipment, will enable the company to implement technologies to optimize and increase overall production investment through the effective and efficient use of factors of production and building opportunities for perception and adaptation of European and international knowledge and technology. As a final result, the potential for production and export of high value-added products will increase and the development of competitive, efficient and effective production will be ensured, guaranteeing sustainability and good economic effect for the company. The introduced new technologies have improved the production process, achieved higher productivity, reduced production costs and optimized the production chain. This in turn ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of production, ensuring sustainability and good economic effect for the company and increase employment.

Through the implementation of the project the improvement of the market presence of SMEs on the territory of the LAG "Dolni Chiflik and Byala", optimization of the production processes and increase of the production capacity of the enterprises is achieved. The strategic goal 2 “Sustainable and intelligent growth on the territory of the LAG“ Dolni Chiflik and Byala ”set in the SWAM of the LAG Dolni Chiflik and Byala is achieved. It is expected to increase the competitiveness and growth capacity of the local economy by promoting technological development and innovation, and sustainable management and development of local resources in other enterprises in the region.