"IBG - Plast" Ltd. is a specialized company for the production of PVC and Aluminum windows systems.

Company "IBG - Plast" Ltd. is constantly engaged in the production and installation of joinery, where there are thousands of square meters of doors and windows that are increasing every day. For objects of construction companies as well as frames for private households.

Our mission is to increase the building energy efficiency of businesses and households through the production and installation of high quality, energy-saving windows. We try to offer some of the lowest prices on the market, which you can see for yourself.

As an REHAU AUTHORIZED PARTNER, "IBG - Plast" Ltd. guarantees you compliance with all technological requirements when designing and installing joinery.

Tomorrow's quality, chosen today!

We follow the motto - "Tomorrow's quality, chosen today!" because we believe that in order to enjoy a high quality of life tomorrow, we need to think about our choices today. By choosing the Joinery of "IBG - Plast" Ltd. you make the most rational decision possible and provide you and your family with not only home comfort but also maximum energy efficiency. The choice of quality offered by "IBG - Plast" Ltd. will provide the unique coziness and wonderful home atmosphere that every person deserves.

Team motivation and capabilities are our strength! The company employs highly trained staff with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of joinery. Our assembly teams have gained experience in various types of construction sites and are ready to surprise you with speed, efficiency and professional attitude. Our team accepts every order completed for personal success. We know that innovation is an important part of our work and we are constantly informed about industry news. There are whole families working in our team and there are real friendships. We invite you to visit the gallery displayed here and to feel the atmosphere of our factory, which is perfectly suited to provide large volumes of production.